oh boredom, the creativity you could carry out in a few human beings. bearded internet customers have located a brand new undertaking: searching straight up and taking a photograph. sounds simple, but the consequences are hilarious.

as it seems, bearded guys taking those oddly angled photographs create a few quite freaky pix. a number of the outcomes are simply undeniable worrying, even as others emerge as looking like actual humans and fictional characters. this fashion surely plays tricks in your eyes.

test these 12 guys who let boredom get the better of them.

1) it seems like this man placed his blouse on backward for delivered impact. if you stare at it for lengthy sufficient, you’ll see it starts to seem like the returned of a guy’s head. he’s lacking a neck however has a killer mohawk.

2) as you can see, a sharpie and some props can go a long way. does this seem like each person familiar to you? reddit customers have mentioned it looks as if the muppet character, beaker.

three) oh how quick a goatee can grow to be a mohawk. that “hairdo” possibly doesn’t even need any gel. it type of looks like the lower back of a superb bushy baby’s head. too weird.

four) if the concept itself doesn’t appearance weird enough for you, those next-degree photoshop competencies will haunt your dreams. don’t forget the coneheads? this need to be the terrifying new generation of alien traffic.

five) it looks as if men with a bit more hair can get some pretty precise outcomes. does this man remind you of any specific half-human, half of-massive you might know of? because i’m getting harry potter vibes. it’s hagrid!

6) cousin itt? ought to that be you? i think the addams circle of relatives character may have forgotten to straighten his hair. and, wherein are his glasses and top hat? you can’t fool us, mister.

7) take a look at out this masterpiece. when photoshop and props simply aren’t your issue, that is what it comes down to, a sharpie and an “artist”. it doesn’t take a lot to make the net chortle.

eight) ch-ch-ch-chia! in case you don’t have the time or staying power to develop your personal chia puppy, you could just develop something similar to your face. no watering, no feeding, simply grooming.

9) emojis, the exceptional factor due to the fact that sliced bread. who could have notion we’d see one of these “creatures” that might give us nightmares. this little “neck man” is cute.

10) crimson-bearded guys appear to absolutely like this trend. a well-known redhead comes to mind with this image. throw some glasses on this guy’s neck and he could look much like ed sheeran?

eleven) call the fireplace vehicles! the smoke coming out of this man’s mouth gives the phantasm his neck man’s hair is on fire.

12) this is a psa to all the men available who want to do this, don’t do it in case you are beardless. in case you do, you’re going to become looking like a…well, i think you could come for your personal end.

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