10 movies which broke all boundaries of sex on screen


Some movies are just made to toe the line.
https://cheesecake.articleassets.meaww.com/4128/uploads/bae9d66612687231c9c09dfb34145a6c.jpegIt is a sweet love story starring Jim Carrey and Ewan McGregor. Jim plays Steven Jay Russell (a real-life con artist) and Ewan McGregor plays the fellow prison inmate (Phillip Morris). The movie shows a love story between the two convicts.
https://cheesecake.articleassets.meaww.com/4128/uploads/4c99553de3a5e65929d749b79d9aae11.jpegJim’s character in the movie is desperately in love with McGregor’s and he does everything in his power to be close to him. The movie shows their intense love and has not shied away from being quite graphic.

#2 Wet Hot American Summer

#2 Wet Hot American Summer https://cheesecake.articleassets.meaww.com/4128/uploads/58eb5335b22136cb0426183c0a0e3160.jpegA cult comedy of its own right, Wet Hot American Summer features an anal sex scene between Michael Ian Black and Bradley Cooper. Released in 2001, it was one of the funniest movies of the time and has managed to make people laugh all this while except for that one scene which raised eyebrows.
https://cheesecake.articleassets.meaww.com/4128/uploads/3a73c72d6eca263a0fb6d0acade3e43a.jpegBradley Cooper says of the scene, “I remember we kept our socks on. The big tube socks. We put a lot of that sweat stuff, you know, that glistening gel. And then we were up against—yeah, it was nuts… The joke of that scene was to make it the one serious scene in the whole movie.”

#3 Silver

#3 Silver https://cheesecake.articleassets.meaww.com/4128/uploads/f3381a1d5b9bb0954b1c57af3881f233.jpegSharon Stone was never a shy girl, was she? And if Basic Instinct was anything to go by, one could be sure that she could break boundaries whenever she wished. William Baldwin plays opposite her in the movie and it is his character which gets involved with her in the movie.
https://cheesecake.articleassets.meaww.com/4128/uploads/cfa06c070cc736d300f3a8dbcf88e83c.jpegIn one of the scenes in the movie, they are shown having sex standing up against the pillar. It appears that they were having anal but their positioning makes it difficult to say for sure. The standing position does not offer much to conclude but people did assume what they thought it to be, and no one was the wiser.

#4 Body of Evidence

#4 Body of Evidence https://cheesecake.articleassets.meaww.com/4128/uploads/7d7cd1cd3fd2b737ddb92c7453edc871.jpegWillem Dafoe and Madonna gave performances of their lifetimes (quite memorable if not their best) when they starred together in Body of Evidence. The movie depicts a sadomasochistic relationship between a woman and her lawyer and is packed with sex.
https://cheesecake.articleassets.meaww.com/4128/uploads/008c26b30328b9f439b609baf19c88bd.pngThe sex showing anal is quite graphic and Madonna’s portrayal of it is one of the most realistic ones. The changes in her expressions reveal a lot and it could have been believed to be a sex tape, had it not been a movie.

#5 Body Heat

#5 Body Heat https://cheesecake.articleassets.meaww.com/4128/uploads/b08f6311317648f7268306a941ebf9a6.jpegWhen the movie came out in 1981, the sex scene between Kathleen Turner and William Hurt was the only thing people could talk about. It was one of the most suggestive scenes in that time and the very concept of portraying anal on screen seemed out of this world.
https://cheesecake.articleassets.meaww.com/4128/uploads/cb8e333e0781dc87a28f81600d76e3ad.jpegThe movie did, however, sought to present the same and while the scene showed Turner from the waist up, the more inquisitive audience figured out what was the true intention behind the infamous scene.

#6 Brokeback Mountain

#6 Brokeback Mountain https://cheesecake.articleassets.meaww.com/4128/uploads/18ae21562717dd58a33927f1215e794a.jpegJake Gyllenhaal and Heath Ledger literally broke boundaries with Brokeback Mountain as the mainstream representation of gay sex made huge ripples across the world. It was hailed as a giant leap for the gay community and for all the good reasons.
https://cheesecake.articleassets.meaww.com/4128/uploads/c64511934a7b8bf6de0cec404da8309e.jpegTheir passionate sex in the tent was not only quite graphic but was also made to look ultra-realistic, thanks to the brilliant performances of the two incredibly talented stars of the day. The movie went on to win an Oscar for best director.

#7 Bad Santa 2

#7 Bad Santa 2 https://cheesecake.articleassets.meaww.com/4128/uploads/e78cdafcd6e1fc3e2a14e78a8e4848d6.pngBad Santa may not be one of the finest examples to be on the list but there was indeed an attempt to show anal sex in the movie. Billy Bob Thorton’s character is a guy who prefers anal sex with women and this movie shows one of the scenes.

#8 Nymphomaniac

#8 Nymphomaniac https://cheesecake.articleassets.meaww.com/4128/uploads/86341b8e8f5b67fff16c53ad7a576c95.jpegThere are very few movies which are so packed with sex and explicit scenes as Nymphomaniac. It has numerous anal scenes and as a matter of fact, the lead character had her first sexual encounter as anal. The uncut version also features a double penetration which was extreme considering it was a movie and not porn.

#9 Last Tango in Paris

#9 Last Tango in Paris https://cheesecake.articleassets.meaww.com/4128/uploads/bc70cbc7d6aa4039e853c47a55405022.jpegThe Last Tango in Paris came out in 1972 and was directed by Bernadro Bertolucci. The movie starring Marlon Brando and Maria Schneider has one of the most infamous sex scenes where the characters end up having anal in the Paris apartment. The movie still retains its charm for the portrayal and the acting of the stars which set the movie apart.

#10 Kill Your Darlings

#10 Kill Your Darlings https://cheesecake.articleassets.meaww.com/4128/uploads/a6eb02d823a681518fbb9671ce314355.jpegDanielle Radcliff filmed an anal sequence in the movie Kill Your Darlings where he plays a college student. Dane DeHaan plays opposite him and their characters Allen Ginsberg and Lucien Carr have been shown to enact their love quite graphically.