Although there are men who are more attracted to girls who still have innocence, today we will talk about everything that is lost. We hope you are not one of them!

Maybe the women you’ve been with have lied to you so as not to hurt your ego. But there are attitudes that betray your experience in the arts of love, and it is time for you to learn to recognize these signs, because when everything is clear between the two there is only one thing to do: enjoy big. Analyze this list, think of your girl and the truth will be obvious:1.- They are happier

Due to the endorphins, better known as “happiness hormones”, which are released in those moments with the couple, a woman’s mood changes completely, which is why she will always be happy and full of energy.

2.- Eyes / look with special shine

The girls who already had encounters of this type have a much stronger look and can stand the gaze of men fixedly. They are braver, because they feel more secure in what they can achieve in ALL the senses.

3.- The walk

His way of walking changes radically. It becomes more leisurely and the hole between the legs becomes a little more evident, because they move their hips to each step to call the attention of the man that interests them.

4.- They are more “rogues

The girls who “already did” are a little more cheeky, not to the extent of being vulgar; they simply see life differently, without so much shame or shame; they become more irreverent, they speak without language.

5.- They are safer

This point is more than obvious. The young people who are no longer innocent in what refers to sex are much more flirtatious and safe than the others, they watch closely and even throw hints. Do not beat around the bush, and if a guy likes to do the impossible so that everything happens with him.

6.- They are usually made holy

When they hear about sex, they get distracted, and obviously change the subject. According to them they are scared, but in reality they are evaluating your reactions, to know if they tell you the truth or not. Just make a couple of jokes about it to discover them.

7.- Immediately identify the “signals” that a boy gives them

There are a lot of signs that a guy wants something and it’s not money. Women who are no longer pure and chaste tend to detect them much faster, so they become counselors of their friends.

8.- They carry protection “in case it is offered”

A woman who has already done so knows the importance of taking care of her body and does not leave the responsibility to someone who maybe only gets carried away by the hormones. It is always prevented by anything that can happen, because it wants to enjoy without having to regret after some illness or an unwanted pregnancy.

9. They direct the act and they know what makes them explode

One of two: either he already did it or he spends a lot of time playing with his hands to know which movements cause him to explode, and that makes him not so innocent. We recommend that you see it on the friendly side; With a girl like that you will not struggle so much to leave her satisfied and you’ll end up happier.

10.- They can be with you one day and not remember you later

This point is a bit delicate but you have to be realistic. A girl who has already tried the arts of love knows that there must not necessarily be feelings to be with someone, and she could perfectly use you for a meeting, to get rid of the desire and now. You may not remember your name the next day.

Does it really make sense that you cling to being the first of a girl? Do not waste the best opportunities! Imagine, they say that their initial encounter is not so good, so being the one who opened the door will imply that they remember you as someone who did not leave them satisfied.

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