at the outdoor, being part of the royal family looks like an clean and glamorous life. to us commoners, kate middleton is living the fantasy. she went to sleep one night and wakened the next morning because the respectable duchess of cambridge, or unofficial princess (for the reason that she married a prince.)

but, residing the royal existence may not be as easy because it seems to be. the rules that the royals should abide are many and a few can be somewhat arbitrary.

it’s simply no longer a listing that you may research in a single day, it takes some being used to. here is a listing of the matters that kate used in an effort to do however had to alternate when she took on her royal title:

1) signing autographs: right here’s a weird but logically sound rule – the royals aren’t allowed to put their signatures on any files that aren’t legit. this is apparently due to the queen’s worry that a person would possibly forge their signatures.

2) office work: earlier than kate married prince william, she worked at her own family’s party business scheduling items and organizing occasions. as such, her work became normally constrained to a unmarried vicinity. now, she works multiple locations in the course of engagements like charity dinners, and college and medical institution openings.

three) feasting on mussels and/or oysters: the royals are prohibited from ingesting mussels and oysters due to the fact they’re related to sure hypersensitive reactions and can come to be poisonous if stored incorrectly.

four) sporting brilliant nail polish: apparently, kate is confined to nude nail polish coloration. no brilliant reds, and dark blues for her. kate’s manicures comprise of of the identical colors she interchanges – a soft pink (#28 rose lounge via bourjois) and a sophisticated nude (#423 allure by using essie).

five) social media: the royals aren’t accepted to run personal social media debts because they don’t want non-public information to grow to be public. this rule is predictable sufficient. while there are official social media pages attributed to the royal own family, they’re managed by way of professionals who in particular curate the photos and textual content that they need the public to peer.

6) public shows of affection: the royals are pretty strict on pda and what they deem suitable. the queen believes there’s a sure etiquette on the way you should behave in public and so this rule is abided with the aid of.

7) purchasing journeys: kate is no longer able to go shopping on my own – whether that is searching for garments or going grocery purchasing. she must be accompanied via safety officials always.

eight) sporting fur: before kate became a royal, she turned into capable of wear fur. now, the duchess is capable of wear fur now and again, however best if the animal had died of natural causes. i suppose we can all agree that this is a good rule.

nine) vote casting: none of the individuals of the royal own family are allowed to vote or run for parliament. monarchs are required to be impartial in order now not to spoil their reputation via politics.

10) wear ambiguous outfits: when she changed into as soon as at liberty to get dressed the manner she thrilled, kate now has her clothes chosen for her by the royal stylists.

11) touring with the family: this rule become prominent in the closing century, however, it is not adhered to as strictly anymore. the cause for the guideline is to shield the royal lineage ought to any accidents occur.

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