Margot Robbie is basically Megan Fox with talent. She is this incredibly hot babe who has taken the world of Hollywood by storm. She has portrayed the role of DC comic character, Harley Quinn in the movie Suicide Squad. She has brilliantly done the job in the movie, The Wolf Of The Wall Street. Here’re some of the sexiest images of her in a bikini that will make you fall for her:
In 2017, Robbie was 27 years of age but a few have been suspicious about this number.

When the actress was eight, she had gone to a circus school.

She mistook Prince Harry for Ed Sheeran.

Before she had appeared on The Wolf of Wall Street, the actress had starred in a few movies that were criticized.!

She initially did not like Harley Quinn.

Her very first Hollywood movie was About Time.

There is a 19-year age gap between Margot and the Suicide Squad actor, her character’s love interest played by Jared Leto.

Tha actress the role of Jane in The Legend of Tarzan and she did not lose weight for this role.

The actress competed against Emma Stone for a lot of roles, like The Legend of Tarzan and Birdman.

She is an expert at covering up her Australian accent.

Margot Robbie had landed on the lead role for Pan Am.

She had turned down money to do a Playboy.

The actress had been cast as Jane in The Legend Of Tarzan and she beat Jessica Chastain and Emma Stone to this part.

She thought she would not land the lead role for Focus but when they had met, there was “instant chemistry”.

The actress enjoys beer and french fries.

She had appeared on Vanity Fair’s 20th Anniversary Hollywood Edition.

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