If there is one thing that famous people complain about more often than anything else, it is being hounded by paparazzi as they go about their daily life which sucks for them. Something we totally understand, we can imagine how horrible it would be to have a gang of strangers coming after you day and night, and we do feel bad for them. That said, as regular folk, we think that we’d be totally lying if we tried to pretend like we didn’t enjoy quite a few of the resulting images, in no small part because many of the subjects are so good-looking. Additionally, being at the heart of these images can be the ultimate attractiveness test as they haven’t been tirelessly made-up, lit, and Photoshopped. Realizing that is what inspired us to put together this list of twenty paparazzi photos of female stars that will drive you wild.

In order for an image to be considered for inclusion on this list, it must feature a famous woman looking good that appears to be taken by a paparazzi. When it comes to the target of the photo, it doesn’t matter what they did to become well-known, so you could see athletes, actors, musicians, or even internet personalities here. When it comes to the photo being taken by a paparazzi, we can’t prove that that’s the case, but we all see these images regularly so we’re going to trust our gut here. Of course, it should go without saying that none of the photos from the previous list will be included, but the ladies that were featured in them may return.

20. Ashley Graham

A distinctive name in the modeling industry, Ashley Graham stands out among the rest as she is the first plus-sized woman that has become a huge star in that industry. Of course, there have been several gorgeous women that have a similar body to hers that made their living having their photo taken, but she is the first one that has risen to the top of the business. In fact, if you want the ultimate proof of this fact, she is the first woman of her size to appear on the cover of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, and we couldn’t be happier that finally happened. Shown here at a red carpet event, her outfit reminds us of something we could see worn in the bedroom during an intimate night, and that makes this photo a marvel to see.

19. Jenna Fischer

An extremely charming woman and actress that is fantastic at playing characters that are infinitely lovable, we find it very disappointing that Jenna Fischer is no longer as big of a star. Made a big deal when she was cast as Pam Beesly in the American version of The Office, she was incredibly pivotal to its success as she was at the center of the love story that the show largely revolved around. Also popping up in movies like Blades of Glory, Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story, and Hall Passamong others, she has yet to find a big hit in recent years. As a result, she has largely disappeared from the public eye. But looking at a photo of her like this one on a red carpet where her cleavage is incredible makes us wish that weren’t the case even more.

18. Hayden Panettiere

From one actor that was made a big deal from a single television role to another, this time around, we are looking at Hayden Panettiere. Cast as one of the main stars of the show Heroes where she played Claire Bennet, her character was a major focus of the series as “save the cheerleader, save the world” was said in reference to her often. Someone who gave movies a try, her work in films like Scream 4 and I Love You, Beth Cooper didn’t make a major mark but the TV world welcomed her back when she starred in the show Nashville. Pictured here as she walked down the street in a bikini, it is clear that she has a wonderful body for that kind of swimwear, and that big smile on her face tells us that she knows it.

17. Anna Kendrick

An actor that should have a very long career in front of her, Anna Kendrick has already accomplished more than enough to have a place in the history of films in this era. Earning an Academy Award nomination for her work in Up in the Air, she has also appeared in movies like the Pitch Perfect and Twilight flicks, on top of Into the Woodsand Table 19. Oftentimes appearing in films that call for her to show off her singing voice which we always welcome, her sweet tones and social media presence make her seem like a kindhearted and funny person. Possessing a reputation for likability, that may cause some to forget how beautiful she is, but this photo of her with a great deal of cleavage should remind everyone of that.

16. Emma Roberts

Born to a family that has amassed a lot of power in the entertainment business, Emma Roberts’ father, Eric, has starred in films and has been a character actor, and her aunt Julia is one of the biggest actors ever. As such, it seemed like she was born to be a star as well, and based on her very young age, that seems like it is entirely possible. Best known for TV shows like American Horror Story and Scream Queens, she has also been cast in movies like We’re the Millers, Scream 4, as well as Celeste and Jesse Forever. Photographed as she made her way down a city street, this image of her from the side gives us a view we rarely get, and it reveals that her booty is more impressive than we knew.

15. Hilary Duff

Someone who could accurately be described as a teen idol in the past, Hilary Duff seemed to be taking over many areas of the media while she was at the height of her career. Most famous as an actor, she starred in the Disney Channel show Lizzie McGuire, as well as films including the Cheaper by the Dozen series, A Cinderella Story, and Agent Cody Banks. Also a singer that released several hit songs at one time, her best-known tunes include “So Yesterday,” “Reach Out,” “Come Clean,” and “Sparks” among others. Quietly becoming one of the hottest celebrity MILFs in the world over the last several years, her body seems to become more curvaceous all the time, and this shot that shows that off blows us away.

14. Selena Gomez

One of the biggest celebrities of her generation, Selena Gomez started out as a child star that became famous as the star of the Disney Channel show Wizards of Waverly Place. Since then maturing into a woman that clearly wants to take on more mature roles, she has appeared in movies like Spring Breakers, The Fundamentals of Caring, and Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising. Also able to make a career for herself as a singer, her biggest hits include tracks like “Good for You,” “Love You Like A Love Song,” “The Heart Wants What It Wants,” as well as “Come & Get It.” Walking the street in a simple shirt and wearing pants that reveal her hips, they combine to make this shot stand out among the thousands of paparazzi photos of her that are out there.

13. Rihanna

One of the biggest singing stars in the world today, for those that have tried to point to the weakness of the music world since downloading took over, the career of Rihanna totally flies in the face of that. Seeming to possess a Midas touch, she is best known for huge songs like “We Found Love,” “Umbrella,” “Disturbia,” and “Take A Bow” among far too many more to list here. Also renowned for how attractive her body is and knowing exactly how to work it in the best ways possible, she is one of the most alluring stars in the world as well. An image that shows how great her figure is when she seems to not be thinking about how she looks at all, this is proof positive of why she belongs on any list of the most beautiful women in the world.

12. Rachel McAdams

An actor we’re amazed isn’t a part of that industry’s upper class today, Rachel McAdamsdeserves to headline films based on the fact that she has appeared in several classic movies already. Perhaps best known for starring in The Notebook, we could also argue that Mean Girls deserves that spot, and she also appeared in other films including Wedding Crashers and Doctor Strange. On top of all that, she also played the female lead in a movie called About Time that anyone who enjoys romantic dramas or time travel movies needs to seek out and watch as soon as possible. Also a beautiful woman that doesn’t get enough credit in that regard, this shot shows off her lovely legs but more importantly reveals one of her attributes more people should notice, her round rear end.

11. Jennifer Morrison

One of three actors that were cast as doctors that worked for the main character of the show House when it started, Jennifer Morrison used her role to become a star in her own right. Able to stand toe to toe with the series’ lead in one moment and then reveal a connection to him in the next, there was one thing fans seemed to know right off the hop; they wanted to see more of her. Since then going on to star in another series, Once Upon a Time, she also played a memorable part in How I Met Your Mother and has appeared in films including Warrior and Star Trek. Photographed by one of the army of paps at a fashion show, in this resulting image, they got her as she bent over in a cleavage-revealing dress, and the results speak for themselves.

10. Kristen Bell

Proof positive that great work can make a big difference in the acting world, Kristen Bell played the titular role in the show Veronica Mars and gained a career because of it. Only lasting three seasons during its initial run, that series never gained a massive audience but had a cult following that loved it and supported its star in most of her projects going forward. Now best known as one of the actors behind the Disney mega-hit Frozen, she is set to reprise her role in the sequel to that animated film which ensures that her time in the spotlight won’t end anytime soon. We love that since she is very talented but we’re not going to lie and pretend that we aren’t looking forward to seeing more shots of her like this one.

9. Jessica Alba

A mainstay of lists looking at the most attractive women in the world for more than the last decade, Jessica Alba absolutely deserves acclaim like that as she is an exquisite beauty. First rising to prominence when she was tapped to star in the show Dark Angel which was produced by movie powerhouse James Cameron, that series ended before its time, but her career easily survived it. Best known for her role in movies like the Machete, Sin City, and Fantastic Four series, she also helped anchor films that aren’t a part of franchises, including Honey, Idle Hands, and several others. A picture that was taken by a paparazzi while she posed for a photo shoot, she is covered from head to toe but her top being so tight to her chest drives us wild.

8. Mel B

A member of probably the biggest girl group in the history of music, Mel B was one of five women that made up The Spice Girls, and they were an international phenomenon. An act that was best known for songs like “Wannabe,” “Say You’ll Be There,” and “2 Become 1,” to name only a sampling, they also starred in a movie and appeared on more merchandise than almost anyone. Since then breaking out on her own, these days, she is best known as a mainstay of television competition shows like various versions of The X Factor, America’s Got Talent, and several others. A regular at celebrity events, as a result, this red carpet photo of her where her dress shows off almost all of her legs is a real head turner in the best ways possible.

7. Blake Lively

Without a doubt one of the most lusted-after figures in Hollywood today, whenever Blake Lively has her photo taken, there is a very good chance that the results will be fantastic. First made a star when she starred in the show Gossip Girl, that series was pretty controversial at times due to how steamy it could be, but there is nothing about seeing her that we have a problem with. Also able to make major inroads into the film world, she starred in movies like The Shallows and The Town, both of which were fully embraced by many critics and fans alike. Seen here while making her way to an event, this image that was taken in the spur of the moment seems like it must have been pre-planned as no human should look that good without much work involved.

6. Rita Ora

A British singer that seemed to become a star overnight, Rita Ora became a known entity when she was featured on the song “Hot Right Now” which was released by DJ Fresh. Since then able to overcome him when it comes to worldwide fame, she has become a solo star known for songs like “Your Song,” “I Will Never Let You Down,” “Body On Me,” and “R.I.P.” among others. Also an actor who has appeared in movies like Fast & Furious 6 and the Fifty Shades movies, as well as becoming a judge on competition shows like The X Factor, she seems to love branching out. Seen here in a shot that looks like it was taken by a paparazzi as she hung out on a yacht, her white bikini and its cut look amazing on her body which looks fantastic by itself.

5. Gemma Arterton

Quantum of Solace, when Gemma Arterton became a so-called “Bond Girl,” she rose to the top of that pack instantly. Subsequently seen by the powers that be as someone that could be the next big acting star, she ended up in blockbuster films like the Clash of the Titans remake but was never a part of another huge hit. Since then opting to focus more on independent and character-based projects, she was a part of smaller films like Tamera Drewe and Gemma Boveryamong others. Someone who appears as though she is incapable of being anything less than ravishing, this shot of her in a dress that doesn’t cover her legs and cups her chest is a thing of beauty.

4. Jessica Biel

The second Jessica to appear on this list, Jessica Biel and Jessica Alba both became celebrities at around the same time, and made us think that that name was the hottest in existence. Introduced to many when she was one of the stars of the series 7th Heaven, that show was very family-friendly, and it seemed like this gorgeous woman felt stifled by its constraints. Since then changing her focus to the movie world, films like The Rules of Attraction, Blade: Trinity, The A-Team, and I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry made her an even bigger star. Possessing some of the most mind-blowing dimensions on a body we’ve ever seen, to say that her chest and booty are impressively large seems like a gigantic understatement.

3. Elizabeth Olsen

A woman that spent her formative years firmly entrenched in the shadow of her famous siblings, the Olsen Twins, it must have seemed like that would never change for her. These days the most talked about member of her family, Elizabeth Olsen has gained traction as the star of smaller dramas like Martha Marcy May Marlene and Ingrid Goes West. Also adept at appearing in gigantic hits, however, she is part of the biggest film franchise in history, the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and showed up in Godzilla and Oldboy remakes as well. Someone who seems to understand fashion just like her sisters, considering her outfits always look so appealing on her, this dress that shows off the body of this busty blonde stands above the rest.

2. Gemma Atkinson

A former glamour model that was stunning enough that she rose above that industry before too long, Gemma Atkinson made the leap to acting and made it look pretty seamless. The type of transition that many in her former career are likely to dream of, even someone like Kelly Brook tried to do the same but found less success in their homeland. Best known in the UK, she played a part in the show Hollyoaks for years and appeared in three of its spin-offs before moving to other series, including Casualty and Emmerdale. Pictured here seemingly having fun in the sun, she can be seen standing in the water in nothing but a bikini and tight wet shirt, and from this angle, we can tell she has curves for days.

1. Charlotte McKinney

A model that many believe is the heir apparent to the crown that has been worn by Kate Upton, for several years now, Charlotte McKinney seems likely to be the fashion world’s next buxom blonde star. Starting out making her name mostly on Instagram, she was attractive enough that major companies took note of her and, before too long, came calling on her to represent them. Working on behalf of businesses like Carl’s Jr. and Guess Jeans in the past, the fact that she represented the latter company was a huge deal as it has worked with several major stars in the past. In this photo wearing the type of workout gear that anyone would salivate over seeing her sporting, they reveal most of her body, and that is something we will always enjoy.

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