with regards to breakups, we all have our awful ones. there are the exes we desire we could absolutely erase from our lives, the ones who made us swear off dating for pretty some time, and the ones who hang-out us for years yet to come.
whilst relationships end, people’s feelings are at an all-time excessive, so it’s not wild to consider that some humans do some stupid things. however, a few exes are so spiteful, they could’t help themselves however droop to the petty degree. buzzfeed asked their users to share the “pettiest factor their ex has ever achieved to them,” and some of the memories will make you in all likelihood recognize your ex–who wasn’t a petty sociopath.

ex husband became a real gem. cheated on me and changed into a raging alcoholic. observed a substitute me within a month of splitting up. i spent the next 5 years thankfully by myself elevating my kids the right way. then i met my boyfriend. ex goes right into a tizzy, begins horrific mouthing me and comes to a decision to prevent paying the very small, now not even legal minimum amount of baby assist. then he comes to a decision to call dyfs and housing code enforcement on me and tells my youngsters i referred to as on myself. hoping karma can pay him a visit soon.

at my mother and father request, i broke up with the ex while he turned 18 because i was more youthful and that they concept it’d lead to the “birds and the bees”…months rolls by way of, he breaks the news that he married a few chick that had 2 children formerly, with exclusive guys. some years skip, i figured out he changed into divorced from him stalking me at my process. the cherry on top, become him asking my younger step sister out on a date. i desire i was making this up, that is petty on a vinegar-salty degree.

an old ex used to message me (a few years once we had broken up), frequently asking about my cutting-edge love lifestyles and thoughts about getting back together.
it wasn’t till a few months later that i found out he and his modern-day lady friend had been co-conspiring, so one can emotionally torment me.

so i met this man via this lady who became my excellent buddy on the time, and i used to be dating him because he was part of our pal group (yes. i know. ) it simplest lasted per week (he became very childish). we were sitting in my vehicle before he had work and he took the aux twine and plugged it into his smartphone. i didn’t think some thing of it due to the fact we always listened to loads of music collectively. so he performs a few songs after which he tells me to prevent what i’m doing and listen to the lyrics. this asshole put on “friends” through justin bieber and bloodpop. for those of you who don’t know that song the lyric that become most vital for me to hear was “are we able to still be friends?” and he proceeded to invite me if i understood. well bypass to per week later, i wrecked my car in a terrible accident. he had been texting my buddy allllllll that time in view that we’d damaged up. i was inside the automobile all on my own. properly he determined out i wrecked my automobile and informed me that i should’ve hit my head in some unspecified time in the future due to the fact a vegetable might be smarter than i’m (hold in mind he turned into really in love with me before i ever gave him interest. i’m especially out of his league). then he asked my pal if she was okay. she wasnt even within the car. ????????????? but anyways he started snoozing together with her and now i’m no longer pals along with her and he nevertheless messages me as soon as in awhile telling me he messed up and he needs me returned (attempt again pal).

tried to make our mutual buddies pick among us. he then tried to get sympathy through getting crossfaded every night time in order that our pals could have to attend to him and consequently no longer be able to hang out with me. so immature.

my ex “by accident” called me whilst he was fucking someone else.

when he moved out, he took all my tupperware lids and left the bins.

my ex began a conversation by pronouncing she felt she wasn’t mentally solid sufficient to be in a dating right now and that it’d be higher to simply take a smash. we both had our percentage of instability and so i understood in which she become coming from, so i agreed. ten minutes later she posts on twitter and he or she’s got a new girlfriend, and that they’re trashing me in texts. she claims i wasn’t sexual sufficient for her and so she went in advance and tried to get the emotional want from me and the sexual need from the alternative woman. now not right man, i’m nonetheless salty.

my ex would “by accident” send messages to me that have been intended for the women he was trying to connect to once we broke up.

broke up with me, then a couple weeks later were given drunk and texted my excellent pal announcing “if matters have been specific i ought to’ve been courting you”

it’s no longer amazing scandalous but i had an ex who would deliberately misspell my first call despite the fact that even as we had been courting he always spelled it efficaciously. or he might mispronounce my name.

mine wasn’t an ex-boyfriend, but an ex-roommate. it turned into our freshman yr in college and he or she managed to show our entire pal group in opposition to me. i switched to a single room so i ought to get away from her, and once I moved out, i took the whole lot i had introduced. this included my roku box that she watched all her netflix and hulu on, the rug that included our complete floor, and all the silverware we had in our room.

the pettiest things weren’t even intentional, but apparently i took her hulu get admission to proper before the finale of her preferred show. bonus.

once I moved out, i realized there have been some matters i had left on the house. so my attorney requested his if i should arrange a time to select up any remaining items of mine- my audio system, picnic set and something else. he spoke back that he didn’t understand in which they had been and he in all likelihood thew them away. adequate pleasant, they have been highly-priced.

a few weeks later, i select my son up at his mothers lake house and she invited in at the same time as kiddo got geared up. sitting at the counter? my picnic set.

subsequent weekend i was able to undergo our old house – which became filthy – and get all my stuff back.

my ex and i broke up even as i used to be binge watching the closing season of breaking horrific, which he knew i was doing. after looking to contact me for a few days and me now not responding, i got locked out of netflix. i then get a text shortly after from him saying that he “forgot the password and needed to alternate it.” he stated if i still wanted to apply it, i simply had to allow him recognise and he’d supply me the password. i got my very own account that day.

oh i were given any other one. i used to be relationship this female and matters had been brilliant till we got right into a playful argument over a caricature frog and it by some means escalated to her being mad as hell. the following day i used to be brilliant busy with paintings and once I got home i noticed that her popularity changed to dating some guy her brother was buddies with. i talked to her approximately it, thinking it was a joke, and he or she told me “oh, i notion we were breaking apart”. they broke up two days later however ah yea haven’t even talking to her after that.

made his anniversary date along with his new lady friend on facebook the same as my anniversary with my (now) husband.

he cheated on me, yelled at me about how i used to be loopy for locating out, then broke up with me. then once I wasn’t responding to his texts, calls, and had deleted him from all social media, he begged to take me out-his treat-because he ‘realized what he’d lost’. i reluctantly agreed. then while we got to the bar for beverages, he ordered numerous doubles and photographs. he then went out for a cigarette and just were given in his car and left me there. no longer so much petty as much as he became only a massive prick.

i used to be abused baby so i already had a awful self confidence and while someone stated they cherished i believed it because no one stated it much to me i had guys use me will this one guy beat me up and that i left him once I found out this wasn’t everyday and he would stalked me at my task i just end the process and luckly he never tired to locate me
i’m now married for twenty years to a fantastic man and my self esteem is a lot higher my fitness isn’t incredible and i’m ill now but i experience like certainly one of one of the fortunate abused ones who made it

a few days after we broke up, he got here by way of my apartment to drop off a few things i left at his vicinity. instead of assembly me within the foyer, he left my stuff in a box by means of the safety door. on top turned into his reproduction of my grandmother’s funeral software.

i broke up with my ex subsequently after numerous years of being in a shitty scenario. after shifting out what i notion turned into absolutely, he sent me several messages about these new shoes i had to see because they have been “hearth”. positive as the arena i had forgotten my field of footwear, and he set fireplace to all of them. then despatched photos of each individual pair while they had been burning.

i sent a glitter bomb to his office. he’s an lawyer and i knew he’d be in a match and feature court docket. apparently glitter went everywhere, he went to courtroom glowing and spent days cleansing it up!

he dated my sister a week after he broke up with him to get again at me and they truely ended up getting married, you may say the own family is quite divided.
so the pettiest thing an ex has ever achieved to me turned into take pix of him having intercourse along with his ex who hated me, in our mattress while we were “on a damage”. he said he took these snap shots because he wanted in an effort to show it to me. he didn’t suppose this become petty or childish. mind you he become ten years older then me.

my ex was proper with apple generation and one way or the other found out a way to screen my smartphone remotely from his laptop. after I broke up with him he might monitor my cellphone if i wasn’t responding to him to see if i used to be texting different men, and while he could be aware new names or study my conversations he could remotely respond to them with random messages pronouncing “sorry i want to cancel our date” or “i’m definitely into my ex nevertheless” proper before i would be looking to move on dates. it ruined some matters with human beings and that i had to get a brand new telephone he couldn’t get admission to.

my fiancé and that i have been making plans a cruise to the bahamas for our honeymoon next yr. he packed all his stuff even as i used to be at an essential physician’s appointment (that he changed into presupposed to take me to) because i yelled at him for not displaying up. after he left, i booked that exact cruise for me, my mother, & my 2 daughters! so alternatively of getting married & going with him i’m gonna rejoice with the most vital women in my existence! oh, and when he became attempting to talk to me after, i saved mentioning my holiday to the bahamas, just to rub it in. petty? yeah. gratifying? oh hell yes!

my ex bought me spongebob the musical tickets for my birthday after i used to be telling him how a good deal i wanted to move. now not only did it “now not workout among us”, he bought the tickets in his name and didn’t give the gift. to top it off? he introduced my pleasant pal.

i had an ex touch me weeks after he dumped me to tell me our complete relationship was a lie and he had in no way loved me. after he spent nearly a year telling me how in love he turned into and what sort of he wanted us to get married and all that crap. a distinct guy additionally left for a journey we were alleged to be on collectively with out me, then known as me from the lodge room to tell me he’d made it to the inn and also we’re now not courting anymore. he then kicked me off a online game server that i actively played on despite the fact that his exes had been on it for years and they by no means even played on it anymore.

i’m frightened of vomit and once we broke up, he could visit my paintings inside the middle of the night and vomit at the door so when i might visit open up the following morning, wonder! my worst fear could be waiting for me! he might by no means admit it, but while he moved away, it stopped…

me, im the petty ex. even as we have been going via our divorce lawsuits, my ex husband published on fb, “how am i able to pressure my b×××h of an ex wife to trade her name?”
a friend of mine display shotted it and sent it to me, so we’re divorced so i nevertheless have his call simply to spite him, because i used to be going to change it lower back.

i once pressure hours to go back some of his stuff and get a number of my stuff again simplest to be “ stood up” and i waited outdoor his rental for hours with out a reaction, called numerous instances, knocked at the door profusely. after numerous hours of ready i ended up using three and a half of hours returned in traffic to discover later he’d been inner tho whole time drinking coffee.

i’m the petty ex in this example, however some weeks once we broke up, i went to his house to hold with his roommate. i found out my ex changed into putting out with a brand new woman in his room, so i went downstairs, took the painting we made collectively off the wall, and left with it.

i dated the maximum jealous man ever in excessive faculty. he constantly accused me of hooking up with our pals (insert a million eye rolls because that changed into the maximum ridiculous accusation ever). there has been one specific male buddy of ours that he turned into convinced i was secretly cheating on him with. fast forward about 10 years later and stated male buddy had surpassed away. it become one of these situations that become devastating to me due to the fact i wakened to the news on fb. my ex boyfriend had known as me to see (i idea so besides) if i used to be good enough and then proceeded with the subsequent question: “considering (insert my male friend’s name here) is lifeless now, you could admit you slept with him.” i right away hung up the telephone, changed my smartphone variety, and blocked his ass. so petty.

my ex and that i lived together for almost a yr. all through the first few months, we were given a canine collectively. picked him out and fell in love with the canine collectively. however, he really bought the canine. i paid for the extra expenses (vet visits, meals and components, etc). rapid ahead almost a year. my ex cheats on me with my personal sister. due to the fact that he moved into my rental, i instructed him to leave. he left and took our canine and gave him up for adoption. i remember that he paid for the dog so by regulation, it makes the dog his. however that changed into our dog. and with me paying more than he did in retaining the canine as well as developing a closer bond than he did, it felt more like my dog. i’d’ve gladly given him cash for the canine. the dog turned into already in a loving domestic and my petty ass ex gave him away. there was no other motive to do it other than to hurt me. the price i needed to pay for being cheated on become dropping some thing i cherished dearly and it wasn’t even the dude.

my ex changed into a soccer player in high faculty, and he despised the extensive receiver and kicker who become my first-rate friend. a pair years ago my high-quality friend handed away and my ex had heard about it via his old football teach first, my pal became mind lifeless and they would be harvesting his organs in the next couple days. he referred to as and told me and that i liked it extra than words should describe. one week after the funeral he under the influence of alcohol snapchats me telling me i ought to sleep with him as a praise for telling me my nice friend become brain useless…. pettiness to every other level.

2 years after breaking apart with me i get a text from him reminding me of my $250 “tab” (my proportion of charges from a trip we took when we have been collectively), offers me a 3 month due date, and tells me he accepts paypal, or venmo. luckily paid so i can be achieved with it and him.

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