Alexander McQueen has finally addressed a student’s plan to use the late designer’s DNA to create skin which would be made into a handbag. Shocked! we are too.

So far so Freddy Kruger esque but funnily enough, McQueen the brand, has had no part in the project, telling WWD: “Contrary to some press reports, the company wasn’t approached about this project, nor have we ever endorsed it.”

Central Saint Martins student Tina Gorjanc has used one of McQueen’s own hairs, found from one of the label’s of his first collection, to grow skin cells which she hopes to turn into a handbag that would be exhibited in a museum. It all sounds very Tim Burton-meets-Alfred Hitchcock, but Gorjanc wants to use the finished product as her final graduate project.

However, she has disputed reports that she is growing McQueen’s skin.

“I am not growing Alexander McQueen’s skin,” she said. “The tests that were made in the laboratory were purely intended to for me to understand the technology, and to see how far I can exploit it. This technology still has a long way to go, and big corporations with a better equipped laboratory have a better chance of developing it further.”

Controversial as it seems, McQueen, who was hugely inspired by the macabre may well have been fascinated by such a dark creepy experiment.


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