To achieve the incredibly chiseled and beefed-up look for The Legend of Tarzan, Alexander Skarsgård had to go on an “insane” 7,000-calories diet. No joke.
In an interview with UK’s Mr. Porter, the handsome Skarsgård said he worked with his friend, trainer-nutritionist Magnus Lyghback, who put him on the diet and heavy weight training program to bulk up Skarsgård’s lean frame by 25 pounds.

Then, once filming began on the action film, Skarsgård was on a strict sugar-gluten-wheat-dairy-and alcohol-free diet, which consisted of six smaller meals a day. The results clearly paid off, since he is quite literally a beast in the film.


When the film ended, however, Skarsgård let it all go. The True Blood actor told this story at a recent press day. “When we wrapped the movie, my father [actor Stellan Skarsgård] was shooting this Netflix mini-series River in London at the time and I got in my car and went straight to his house. My dad loves to cook so I spent four days on his couch just being fed. It was the most incredible week of my life. It was pasta, fried mozzarella, pastries and red wine.” You deserve it, Alex!

Skarsgård also recently commented on rumors he and girlfriend Alexa Chung were engaged. Hear what he has to say!

Check out Skarsgård swinging from vines in The Legend of Tarzan, in theaters this Friday.

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