The reality television star named Britain’s most nipped and tucked lady who experienced the first of her 350 cosmetic surgeries at the of  17 has talked about profound hatred to the 1st specialist who worked on her when she was ‘powerless’.

after doing more than 300 cosmetic surgries

Alicia Douvall english model and a reality tv star at age the where a lady should be at the top of her elegance .


When you’ve had a million pounds-worth of cosmetic surgery by this age — and were dazzling to begin with — you’d imagine you’d resemble, well, Angelina Jolie at this point.

Alicia Douvall with her daugher Georgia age 21 at The Royal Garden Hotel in Kensington, London


‘That’s who the surgeon who did my last face implants told me I’d look like,’ she says, attempting (and failing) to raise an eyebrow at the incongruity.

‘Instead, I looked like an alien. Even Georgia, my daughter, said: “Oh my God, you have to get that fixed” — and she never tells me I look a mess.’

A snap back from her childhood

Georgia, who is sitting beside her on the sofa, bites her lip. ‘It was bad, really bad,’ she agrees. ‘I never like to comment too much on how Mum looks, because it can make her worse, but I couldn’t believe what they’d done to her.’

Unfortunately, this was not the first time Georgia had drawn back from her mom after a trip to the cosmetic specialist. The 21-year-old has spent her whole life tolerating the way that her mum — a model, socialite and reality tv star — has facelifts, base lifts and boob implants the way that other very much heeled mums have nail treatments.

With elder daughter Georgia


Alicia can’t really let you know correctly what number of operations she’s had, yet it is well more than 300. Also, when you include more minor surgeries, it implies that she’s spent the best portion of Georgia’s life in plasters and on morphine.

Georgia says one of her most prior memories was of her mum coming to take her from her grandma’s home, looking like a victim of burns. (‘Which I was,’ brings up Alicia. ‘It was dermabrasion: not the minor scale stuff but rather the full hit, where they fundamentally remove the top layer of skin.’)

‘I didn’t recognise her,’ says Georgia. ‘I didn’t even know it was a person, never mind my mum. I remember saying to my gran: “It’s a monster.” ’

When you’ve had a million pounds-worth of cosmetic surgery by this age
Alicia Douvall pictured in 2001 and 2003, showing the effects of her operations over the years


Earlier these days Georgia was at her mom’s side in yet another doctor as the specialist clarified exactly how serious her circumstance had become.

Over a year back, Alicia was informed that her base implants had blasted and silicon was saturating her body.The sensitivity of the situation was briefly explained to her.

Alicia and her family


‘They said I needed to have them out immediately, and most certainly within six months, because once the silicon is in the body it can’t get out. It stays there. It can cause auto-immune problems — maybe even cancer.’

warn young women of addictive cosmetics surgeries

And after that Georgia says ‘She won’t have them out,’ she says. ‘I’ve pleaded with her. The doctors have pleaded with her.’

Alicia shakes her head. ‘If they take the implants out, I’ll be left with a saggy bum. I really don’t think I could live with that.’
‘If I could turn the clock back, I would,’ says Alicia. ‘I wish I’d never had any cosmetic surgery. I never will again — but it’s too late now.’

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