Alicia Vikander and Michael Fassbender have talked about how they first met and how their chemistry blooms. 

The couple who play lighthouse keeper Tom and his wife Isabel Sherbourne in drama movie “The Light Between Oceans” met on a dance floor and despite the 39 year old actor’s poor moves, he admits there was an instant spark.

Alicia said: “We had met at Toronto Film Festival and just on the dance floor.”

Michael added: “I thought I was a good dancer until she started dancing and then I felt like I had two left feet.

“The chemistry was sort of there from the beginning.”

After that the pair got close while filming “The Light Between Oceans” and often had a little boogie in the mornings (on set!) to keep warm.

The 27 year old actress said: “There was a load of dancing in the mornings, actually.”

Michael said: “Because it was cold.”

Alicia Vikander & Michael Fassbender talk about how they met

The “Shame” star praised his girlfriend for her performance in the movie, insisting she pushed herself to her limits during filming.

He added to Entertainment Tonight: “She’s a very fierce performer and very brave as you’re testing the boundaries for how far you can go. She definitely got a hold of those things.”

“It’s impressive to see.”

Michael and Alicia reportedly split in September after nine months together, but they are now very much back together.

Good Wishes to the couple!

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