Amber Heard may not appear in court for her scheduled deposition at 10 a.m. local time on Friday (Aug. 12, 2016) as  source reports that she is still stationed in London.

A status conference on Tuesday (Aug. 9, 2016) determined that Heard will be deposed today (Friday, Aug. 12, 2016) and Johnny Depp will be deposed on Saturday (Aug. 13, 2016).

Depp’s attorney, Laura Wasser, claimed that Heard did not testify under oath on Saturday (Aug. 6, 2016) when she arrived for her 10 a.m. hearing at 11:50 a.m. but refused to leave an adjacent office to the deposition room. Wasser alleges that several attempts were made throughout the day to take her deposition, but Heard would not cooperate with his lawyers.

Depp’s legal counsel described Heard as “hysterically crying and pacing in her separate conference room, or screaming and yelling at times and laughing at others,” as witnessed from the outside of the office=made of “transparent glass.” Wasser adds that Heard “appeared manic and irrational” and that she “observed Amber’s counsel trying to reason with her throughout the day.”

The hearing, which was originally scheduled for Aug. 15, 2016, has now been postponed to Aug. 17, 2016, and the restraining order against Depp has been reissued until then.

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