As the time passes Amber rose is sharing a a new variety of selfies on Instagram in very racy black teddy.

The 33-year-old Amber recently shared a very racy snap on Instagram in a very thin black number, she took a selfie with open legs on the floor.

Amber’s teddy was so thin, so that she can make her flaunt figure visible, and the she raised for the selfie, showcased her tattoo on her left arm, and a solid black choker around her neck.

A large gold earrings hanging on both side of her face, and her new cropped hairs which she coloured platinum gold.

She shared a new detail of her sex life during a sat with Dr Chris Donaghue and Jai Rodriguez for a LOVELINE Facebook Live session.

Quoth Muva: ‘I like to feed. Like, that’s sexy. That’s hot to me. Like, it turns me on,’ though she did add the proviso: ‘Preferably nothing garlicky.’

She elaborated: ‘I like to, like a man that’s, like, I don’t know, that I’m very attracted to, and I feed him, just watch him, like, eat. It just gets me really wet.’

As she described: ‘If he’s just, like, sitting back, like, watching a football game, and I’m just, like, feeding him, like, grapes and shit, it’s just hot. I love it.’
She confessed, however, that she’s never pretended in the room, and that she’s not especially one for sprucing up in the room.

‘See, the guy that I’m dating just wants me naked all the time,’ she said. There are rumours that she’s been dating with Val Chmerkovskiy.

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