Here are some best picks of 2016 for those who love reading! Lets take a look.

  1. If there was a magic potion to make you super model beautiful, would you take it? That’s the dilemma facing twenty something New Yorker best friends Evie, Krista and Willow in this punchy feminist fairytale. Out 11 August.
  2. Zoe gets a life changing phone call on her wedding day to say her estranged mother has been arrested. And so begins this moving exploration of Alzheimer’s and its impact on families. Marsh, a former healthcare worker knows her stuff. Out 14 July
  3. Narrator Ben and his wife Emma have a profoundly autistic son, Jonah and their lives revolve around his condition to the detriment of their marriage. This sad but funny family drama won rave reviews earlier this year. Out now
  4. Feel like diving in to an unputdownable thriller? Set in a London lido one sultry summer, this sees primary school teacher Natalie become involved in a seductive poolside social scene of sun downer cocktails and cool new friends. All is not what it seems though. Out now
  5. A big hit in the author’s native Spain, this is a beautifully written exploration of female grief. Blanca is mourning the loss of her mother by uprooting her life and losing herself in sex. The fact that it’s set in the Spanish coastal town of Cadaques adds to the sultry, sizzling feel. Out now
  6. Fancy a wryly observed multi generational family drama? College friends Elizabeth, Andrew and Zoe may live in hipsterish Brooklyn and may have been in an almost famous ‘90s band together but it’s time to finally accept the truth: they are now boringly middle-aged. And now their teenage offspring have begun their own experimentations with sex, drugs and rock’n’roll. Out now
  7. Cornish girl Betty is 15 in 1956 when her tiny fishing village hits the headlines after a series of murders. Among the descending press pack is enigmatic reporter Gallagher with whom Betty strikes up a dangerous friendship. The narrative flits between the ‘50s and present day in this unsettling, compelling crime period drama. Out now

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