Dorothy Stein looks like your every day masseuse.

But it turns out, that she’s the massage therapist who bites celebs like Kanye West, Katy Perry, Simon Cowell, David Bowie and more. That’s right; she bites the backs of some of the biggest names in Hollywood. They have apparently paid between $150 and $250 an hour for a massage that can come with a good old bite from Stein, according to Billboard.

“Massage and music were instilled in me early on,” she reveals. It was her mother who instructed her to bite her back as a child for a more intense massage. Biting someone’s back during a massage is supposed to cause better blood circulation, much like cupping does.

She admits that Juliette Lewis “loved it” while Cowell “didn’t want it too hard.” However, she told the website that she doesn’t bite every client. “I’m not just going to bite someone,” she said. “Mariah Carey didn’t want it. She’s a germaphobe.”

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