Eight months after Blake Lively had her first baby, she was on a film set in the best shape of her life, but even she says that it was completely not normal.

Speaking to “The Sun”, Blake admits:  “I focussed on training and eating well. It took two different trainers and a nutritionist to help me get into that sort of shape because it’s not normal to look like that eight months after having a kid.”

She said: “I am such a foodie. I am trying to find out Heston Blumenthal’s address so I can go sit outside.”

“There are so many yummy things. I love Wagamama – I could eat there every day.”

Blake Lively says it's 'not normal' to look so good after giving birth

The 28 year old star who has 18 month old daughter James with husband Ryan Reynolds has revealed why she decided on a boy’s name.

She said: “My mum has a boy’s name, too. She goes by Elaine but her real name is actually Willy.”

“So my mum has a boy’s name, I have a boy’s name and we wanted our daughter to have something strong and timeless but wasn’t a name you hear all the time.”

“We didn’t want to give her a name like Humdiddly Humperdink or those amazing Hollywood names you get these days.”

Seems like you work hard Blake Lively!

Source: The Sun

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