Baby James is here to make you smile.

Blake Lively appeared on the Tonight Show on Friday (July 15, 2016) where she shared a home video of her daughter calling Jimmy Fallon “dada.” It all started with the late night host giving the Café Society actress a life-size cardboard cut-out of himself to take home during her visit a few weeks ago. It turns out it wasn’t Lively who ended up bonding with it.

Her husband Ryan Reynolds got drunk with it and her daughter had some fun kissing the cut-out. Luckily, Lively caught the moment, which features the one-and-a-half-year-old’s adorable blonde, curly head.

After watching the clip, Fallon jokingly said, “I hope Ryan isn’t watching tonight,” to which Lively responded, “I think I should do a paternity test, right here, live on air.”

As for how her pregnancy with her second child is going, Lively says it should be illegal to be pregnant in New York in July. “I’m going to make my water break just so I can cool down.”

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