Britney Spears surprised everyone by announcing the release date of her new album. Ever since we watched her at the Billboard Awards recently, we’ve been eager to see more of Britney. 

Let’s not forget that in a recent “V Magazine” interview, she promised us big things about her new music.

On the launch of her new album, “Glory” Britney played a prank on Jimmy Kimmel by waking him up with her new song, “Make Me” dancing on his bed and having some of her awesome backing dancers put their crotches ever so near his face.

Jimmy’s reaction? He took out his retainer, put on his dressing gown and met them downstairs. “Thanks everybody,” he told the gang. “Everyone, back to Las Vegas!”

Watch the video here

Spears also took to  Twitter on Wednesday to announce her latest album’s release date. Calling it “the beginning of a new era.”

“Glory” will be out 25 August.

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