She has shared lovely pictures on Snap Chat of her new babe as Santa’s mule complete with red nose, ears and antlers on Christmas day.

Both Britney Spears and her new ‘babe’ Sam Asghari is currently dating and they had a night out this Tuesday.

The hit-maker and her compelling man preferred sushi at the extraordinary upscale Nobu Malibu close to her house in the precinct of Calabasas in L.A County.

Image Source: Splash News

Both the couple came in the white BMW.

Image Source: Splash News

They both were seen leaving together and carrying his girlfriend Britney’s white handbag.

The 34-year-old Britney Spears flaunted her thin figure in a dark ribbon small scale dress and dark high-heeled shoes as she strolled alongside the hulk man on Tuesday. They both met on set for her music video “Slumber Party”.

In her music video, Britney dragged herself on a table in a meager outfit and slowly moving towards Sam, who is sitting toward the end of the table looking at her in a suit and tie. After that she licks the milk seductively which was on the table.

Sam has also shared a picture on Instagram but then deleted it quickly because his followers then making comments that they’ve been dating.

Image Source: Sam Asghari Instagram

First date? No way! Both have been dating for a while. Sam Asghari mentioned in his Instagram that it was taken at Sushi restaurant. 

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