Britney Spears and Her Shirtless Backup Dancers


The singer, who just dropped the full version of her brand new song “Private Show,” broke into the comedian’s house with a team of shirtless male dancers in the middle of the night. Following in Rihanna’s footsteps, Brit snuck into the Kimmel’s home and woke him up with a choreographed performance complete with neon lights of her song, “Make Me.”

Talk about the ultimate wake-up call! Kimmel, who appeared groggy, confused and still wearing his mouth guard, could not help but laugh afterwards as Spears writhed on his bed.

Meanwhile, Spears announced that her new album, Glory, will drop on Aug. 26. However, after revealing the cover, fans have started a petition to get her to change it.

“We Britney fans find that the cover art is not a suitable representation of the music that Britney is putting out and we are calling for it to be changed,” lead petitioner Austin Dame writes. “We ask that RCA Records/Sony Music Entertainment change the album cover to one that would be a better and more suitable choice for the album.”

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