There was some debate about whether or not Cam’ron and his long time girlfriend Juju really split up, but, looks like the jury has called it. It’s over and we’re cuing the chorus of idiots in the high school hallway yelling, “Fight! Fight! Fight!”

People were pretty disappointed to hear that Cam’ron and Juju had split up. Did you like the two of them together, or, did you figure at least One of them could do better…?

Apparently there’s some online hair-pulling going on between Juju and Cam’ron’s new woman. Click on through to see more!

Were you in the crowd screaming, “Say it isn’t so!?” A lot of people seemed to like Juju and Cam’ron together… even though Cam’ron has said some impressively stupid things about women in the past…

Are you thinking Juju should just thank her lucky stars and run? Or, do you think this is a breakup that’s going to take some time to get over? Click on through to see some nasty interactions with the alleged new ladyfriend…

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Allegedly, this is the new woman – according to MTO, at least. She and Juju are completely different women, so, comparing looks seems pretty pointless… how do they fight? Maybe that’s a better measurement of whether or not Cam’ron may have screwed up…

She has her own style and she looks like she’s pretty playful. Do you think Juju looked at her and wondered, “What does she have that I don’t?” The answer to that is simple…

Who cares?! Why do we measure our worth by who wants to be with us? If Cam’ron wanted to move on, then let him! Be with someone who WANTS to be with you and let the rest of it go.

MTO shared this capture of a conversation online between Juju and the alleged new girlfriend… doesn’t look like either woman has much respect for one another. Should Juju care how Cam’ron chooses to spend his time now?

Would you go and pick a fight with your ex’s new woman if you thought she was up to no good? Or, would you go to your ex and say, “You know, I get you’re done with us, but, your new bae is getting dirty with other people. Good luck?”

Some fans have come to the defense of either woman, mostly Juju. There’s a lot of women hating on other women here as if Cam’ron is some kind of prize… is ANY man worth all this angst?

This social media screenshot MTO shared is worthy of some eye-rolling… It’s the virtual equivalent of someone in 6th grade passing a note that asks, “Do you like me? Check Yes, No, or Maybe.”

Did you ever fight with someone over your ex? How did your ex react? Do you think Cam’ron needs to step up and separate these two, or, is he likely to get tangled in the crossfire if he doesn’t just let the dust settle first?

It looks like Cam’ron has left a big mess for the women in his life to clean up. Typical. Do you think he’s right to stay out of the fighting?

Juju, you got nothing to prove, girl. Move on and leave him in your fairy dust.

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