Holiday? Well that is another excuse for Farrah Abraham to bought something for her daughter. But this Christmas, Farrah has totally gone crazy, once again Breaking the internet! She bought a £900 pony for her daughter, yes you read it right “A Pony” and shared some pictures on her Instagram which basically made the internet a more crazy place.

@sophialabraham & #starburst Awhhhhhh #merrychristmas @littleamericasminiaturehorses #ministarburst #minaturehorse

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She have also shared the video on Instagram, it was short but it was enough. Obviously people were concern about with an animal which comes with so much responsibility.

This is what #starburst has to say ??? #miniaturehorse life @sophialabraham

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There’s been a war in the comment section what will happen to the pony, once her daughter gets sick of it.

One lady said: “Will the pony get returned or sold if your daughter gets sick of it?”

Another comment: “Who hasn’t wished for a pony?!

But it wasn’t enough, she bought more than a Pony and want you to see the gifts her daughter received from her mommy. The presents include a golf cart, rainbow colored roses, and even a Jacuzzi, but my guts tells me that it was also a gift for her mommy too.


@sophialabraham Merry Christmas????? #golfcart #pink #pinkgolf #matching #golfstyle

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Yes, it’s real: Sophia had the best Christmas ever. Next time, we’re spending Christmas Eve at Farrah’s home with the expectation that Santa treats us right, as well. Perhaps Sophia will share?

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