Cara and Nathan have revealed what they’ll spend their winnings on!


Love Island winners Nathan Massey  and Cara De La Hoyde have revealed how they’d like to spend their prize money. The pair won £50,000 cash last week after winning with over 50% of the public’s vote. 

Cara and Nathan have revealed what they'll spend their winnings on
Source: LoveIsland/Instagram

Speaking to OK! Online, Nathan said: “The money won’t change us at all”.

Cara explained: “We’re going to be giving most of the £50,000 to our parents and family.

“For my brother’s 21st birthday I’m going to buy him a car and get him insurance to go with it.”

She added: “Winning the show hasn’t only changed our lives but also our families.

“Even though we’re young and want to splash out on a holiday to Disneyland, we plan on being quite sensible with our money.”

Aw, the brother will be well chuffed.