Carrie Fisher internationally known for her role as Princess Leia has died according to her family publicist. The Star Wars star suffered cardiac episode on a flight from London to Los Angeles on Friday.  She was rushed to Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Centre, Los Angeles in critical condition. With her mother actress Debbie Reynolds later saying she was stable. After her star Wars role Fisher had drug addiction and stormy romances with show business heavy weights.  She again made headlines in November saying she carried on a three month love affair in 1976 with her Star Wars Romantic lead Harrison Ford. The women forever known as Princess Leia died at 60 years of age.

Carrie Fisher’s pithy comments on Twitter gained her a large following on the social media site. Picture: AFP

Words were her superpower and smart wit was her shield, as one of her 1.17 million followers cunningly observed.

Here are some of the best tweets of Carrie Fisher, which regularly comprised of arbitrary and fundamentally brief philosophical perceptions on regular day to day existence.

Carrie Fisher made some of her most amusing observations about US President-elect Donald Trump. Picture: APSource:AP

As US President-elect Donald Trump came in, Fisher additionally jabbed fun at her own fame.

Fisher likewise brag about the accomplishments of her 24-year-old little girl on Twitter. She posted this tweet when Billie Catherine Lourd showed up in the hit arrangement Scream Queens.

Her precious puppy Gary too twitted consistently.

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