If a person is supposed to work hard then he must get some reward. Award shows are celebrated almost every year by many fields in order to praise the effort and hard work of their work. CDA fashion award show was celebrated in order to praise the work of their fashion divas. It left everyone surprised when they announce the name of Beyonce ad nobody was expecting the name. When Beyonce made the appearance on the stage in order to have award everyone seem to be much astonished. The happy moment can be just explained in just words as it can be seen in the eyes of the award holder.


Having the honor to be called on stage for award Beyonce said that it made the day and this moment is one of those proud moments she had had in her life. Fashion is just her love and life as well. It can be seen in her life. She found her family so fashionable that it left the mark on her life too. She loves all those accessories and materials which can be added to fashion.

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