Channing Tatum is going to play the mermaid in a remake of the Tom Hanks 80s classic “Splash”. Isn’t that great!

The star of the heroically excellent “Magic Mike” and “Jump Street” series will take on Daryl Hannah’s role as a mermaid who rescues a child, and then falls in love with them years later, giving them the option of continuing life on land, or joining her in the sea.

In the original, the lucky rescue was played by Tom Hanks, whose role in the remake will be taken by Tatum’s “22 Jump Street” co-star Jillian Bell.

The Movie poster of Splash!

Ron Howard, who directed the original film, is set to produce, with a script by Marja-Lewis Ryan, who adapted Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg’s book “Lean In” for the big screen.

SOURCE: The Hollywood Reporter

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