She recently came up with new desire to become a pianist- while her musical talent is not yet tested she posted some very racy snaps on Instagram.

The Big Brother Star,25, started her Instagram account with two new snaps as she looks ahead to 2017 and a recently booked series of piano lessons.

In the first post chloe used the popular animal filter while exposing her cleavage in a busty pink top.

Oh hi #chloekhan #chloekhandoll #bimbo #barbie #newprofile #bambi

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And in a second snap the sexy TV star is showing off her slim figure while reclining on a white sofa in striking kiiler heels. Captioning the shot :’ Just watching tv like#iwillforeverbeextraAF’.

The photos, added to Chloe’s as of recently launched second Instagram account, doubtlessly ran down a treat with Chloe’s boyfriend, Ashley Cain, who she has been dating since September.

Just watching tv like #iwillforeverbeextraAF #chloekhan #chloekhandoll #bimbo #barbie #newprofile #socialexperiment

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The couple have been indivisible from that point since, after her turbulent sentiment with Ashley’s Ex On The Beach co-star Stephen Bear finished.

The couple broadly appreciated a few hot cavorts on the show, before part in the wake of leaving the Borehamwood manor because of his coy ways.

In the mean time the raven haired previous X Factor challenger uncovered she is figuring out how to play the piano.

Iv just booked some piano lessons for the new year . What's your resolution ? ?

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While reviewing her original account on the social media platform, she shared a snap in very smart pea jacket and tight jeans with the caption:’Iv just booked some piano lessons for the new year . What’s your resolution?’

The Tv star recently announced her new desire to learn a very challenging Instrument in Twitter post.

Excuse the no makeup❌ . I'm not really in to justifying myself to people but all the nasty comments keep rolling in killing my battery so just wanted to say a few words . When did everything come down to how we look ?How can someone tell us how stupid / smart / promiscuous / sweet we are from how we look . I look exactly how I want to look so the comments don't hurt . I'm not on this earth to please Stacey from hull and Iqbal from Bradford . As long as I'm not hurting anyone I shall do and be whatever I please . Don't change yourself for anyone . I don't see Beyoncé writing hate on people's page or as a matter of fact anyone who is successful or happy . Enjoy your life . Be who you want to be . Laugh at every opportunity , smile all day long , sleep peacefully at night . Life is so short , live every moment and don't stop for people who try to slow you down . Have peace and love in your heart and tell the people you love how much you love them every day . No regrets ?????? #chloekhan

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She wrote: ‘Learning piano in Jan. ‘when I was in LA everyone I knew would play beautiful classical pieces when we went past a piano. That will be me.’


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