Early this morning (Aug. 30, 2016), police arrived at an LA home where a woman reportedly called the police claiming Chris Brown threatened her with a gun.

Brown and fellow performer, Ray J were at the house so the latter could get a tattoo when some “uninvited guests” apparently showed up and refused to leave.
This is where different versions of the night’s events get a bit convoluted. One of two women, who were asked to leave, called the police to report that Brown had pulled the weapon on her. However, someone else who was present tells TMZ Chris Brown was asleep at the time.

Ray J left but was stopped by police at the driveway and briefly detained. Brown is reportedly still in the house and refusing to talk to police. At the moment, Brown is the sole suspect in the criminal assault investigation.

Then, Brown released a series videos on Instagram in which he not only made his case; he went off on law enforcement for constantly hounding him with investigations but not helping him when he has dealt with stalkers in the past. He finished this particular video by stating, “I’m innocent, f**k everybody. I’m tired of hearing this sh*t.”

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