The previous evening (June. 16, 2016), Beyoncé and Jay-Z kept on demonstrating their relationship is more grounded than at any other time, venturing out for an extremely open night out on the town at amusement six of the NBA Finals. The couple was super cuddly as they chuckle courtside at the amusement, giving a shout out to the Cavaliers. Ruler Bey wore an imperial blue suit combined with dim and lucite heels, while Jay wore his mark all dark gathering finished with a snapback. While Jay and Bey had a stellar night, sports most loved #RelationshipGoals couple Stephen and Ayesha Curry were not all that fortunate. As his group lost to the Cavaliers, securing amusement 7 for this Sunday, without precedent for his vocation Stephen fouled out and was kicked out of the diversion. Not long after the call, Ayesha took to twitter to assert the amusement was fixed.

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