First of all, if you don’t follow Courtney Stodden on Instagram, get your life together! You’re guaranteed to get some fun surprises in your feed like, say, a rant against Brody Jenner or perhaps a picture of the young bride, posing nude in a pool with a rainbow flag.

Anyway! The 21-year-old reality star apparently adores Justin Bieber and she decided to show her love by doing an homage to the “What Do You Mean?” crooner.

Not only did she do herself up to look like the Biebs, she (sorta) gave herself sleeves of tattoos, put on a bandana and stuffed her crotch (in some Calvin Klein briefs, naturally). Finally, she added some glued-on blonde hair extensions to recreate Bieber’s bangs from earlier this year.

But she didn’t stop there, oh no. Next, she decided to offer up her best impression of Bieber’s boyish smolder for a new clip.

And you thought you were a Belieber!

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