Stars have glittering carres and talent to steal the spot light but Zara larsson, Gemma Cairney and Emili Sande showed a little lacking in their dresses on the night of BBC Music Awards.

The stars was gathered to celebrate the best Bristish pop, with famous Fearne Cotton , Claudia Winkleman and Gemma Cairney hosting the sparkling event.

However, In the events  where the A class list guest and other giants of the industry are gathered, and appears in their classic dresses. But there always some celebs who get it wrong when they dressed up for the red carpet.

Same happend in BBC Music Awards. Some stars dressed worst…

Swedish singer and song writer Zara larsson showed up with a shinning silver mini dress,but the oversized arms of a man’s cotton formal shirt gives a strange effect. And added her in a worst dressed star in BBC Music Awards.

Zara posses for Picture


Gemma Cairney

Gemma Cairney a former Fashion Stylist were expected to comeup with very stylish dress as she was a host of the event but she dressed top to toe in a mustard velvet smoking siut. Which added her in the list of worst dressed stars of the BBC Fashion Awards.

looks like 1950’s show

Emili Sande, Performed at the event, and dressed like the scarlet walkway. But her dressed wasn’t that attractive.

Dressed same as red carpet


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