It seems that Justin Bieber is suddenly too busy to answer Selena Gomez’s calls.

Sources close to Bieber tell, that Gomez has been trying to contact her ex-boyfriend to discuss their Instagram spat over cyberbullying that caused him to delete his account.


The insiders say that he feels like Gomez is “constantly looking for ways to insert herself” in his private business and that Bieber is “amused” that she chided him for threatening to take a social media cleanse when she did so herself earlier this year. Bieber is “very over” Gomez and has taken the high road onto finding Purpose and redemption in his selfie-less existence, as evidenced by this photo taken of him riding through Studio City with his head out the window like a freshly-groomed Chow Chow.

The same source tells that, the accusations that Gomez cheated on him with Zayn Malik are “bogus,” fake comments that were posted by trolls and not by him.

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