Y’all, it must be exhausting to be famous. Imagine all the work that must go into having to talk to people in interviews, try to make yourself seem interesting, and try to get people motivated to care about your career.

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But sometimes someone crosses a line and we are like [record scratch]. Sometimes some celebrity will say something and we are like, “Wow, what now? You did not just say that.”

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This is the case with Sean Kingston. He said some stuff recently that really shocked us. Click next to read more.

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Y’all remember Sean Kingston, right? He is a Jamaican American singer and rapper. He has not had many big hits, but he remains on the periphery of the music biz.

And part of pursuing a career in the entertainment biz is doing interviews. And part of doing interviews is saying something that will get people’s attention. Click next to read about what Sean had to say about Serena Williams that has people talking.

As you might remember, Serena Williams recently had her first child with her husband, entrepreneur and Reddit founder Alexis Ohanian. What you might not know is that, according to Sean Kingston, he and Serena had quite the friendship. . . and a special “encounter.”

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Sean Kingston straight up claimed that he SMASHED Serena. Not only that, they did the deed when she was engaged to Alexis. WHAT THE WHAT? Here’s the thing–Sean was not straight up disrespectful of Serena. Keep reading.

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How did this subject even come up, you ask? Sean Kingston was doing an interview with BBC Radio 1’s Smashed With Sloth. The musician chatted about past romantic hook ups while taking coffee tequila shots.

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The radio show’s host, Charlie Sloth, asked Sean to play a game with him as the musician took those disgusting sounding coffee tequila shots. The game required Sean to list people for these categories: wifey (as in to marry), adult wrestle (as in to smash) and avoid (as in to never see again).

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For “wifey,” Sean chose Lauren London. For “adult wrestle,” Sean chose Meagan Good. For whom he would avoid, Sean chose Bow Wow.

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Charlie Sloth asked Sean who the most famous woman he’s “adult wrestled” with is, and he said it is Serena Williams. He launched into a big discussion about the tennis champ and his great affection for her. “That was my dog. That was somebody I really looked to for advice, she use to always–I use to work out with her. She was just always somebody that really, really looked out for me and made sure that I was good.”

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Sean told Charlie Sloth that Serena visited him for six days straight after his jet ski accident. To be honest, we were not expecting the story to take such a sweet turn.

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Sean explains how Serena always grabs the bill when they went out to eat, saying “I knew what I had, but I just didn’t really follow-up on some stuff that I was supposed to follow-up on. I was kind of young at the time, and I was being young. She’s older than me so she wanted something different.”

Right now, if you are thinking, “Wait, is Serena the one who got away? Didn’t I recently read a Real Cool Nation story about how Sean Kingston has this hot, sexy, smart new lady?” you aren’t the only one thinking that. We wonder what she thinks about what Sean had to say.

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Was Sean telling the truth about Serena? What do Serena and Alexis have to say about this? Our sources did not have the dirt on that, but you know we will update you the moment we learn anything.

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