The anchor person, who is voicing the main character in Finding Dory, as of late tended to bits of gossip that her up and coming enlivened motion picture will include the principal same-sex couples to show up in a Disney Pixar film. While producers have been playing it hesitantly, DeGeneres said in a question and answer session for the film that she’s just for consideration.


“I for one believe it’s an incredible thing,” she told the group. “I think everything that we find in the media whether it’s TV or film or anything you see — ought to speak to everything that is going on the planet. I think everyone that is on the planet ought to be seen and spoke to.” Hypotheses of the flick including a lesbian couple initially began when the film’s trailer indicated two ladies taking care of an infant in a stroller. Despite the fact that DeGeneres has seen the motion picture, she said she hasn’t been told whether the ladies being referred to are gay.

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