”as though the police have simply come to my house. they explained to me a person took pics of my car as they have been involved as blonde hair changed into protruding the lower back. the policeman then asked me to open my boot so i did. i have in no way been so embarrassed it become ma clip in a weave”. _meghan [email protected]


good enough so closing night time a girl changed into crying within the bathrooms purpose her ex-were given a lass pregnant who he cheated on her with, a few tryna make her experience higher said “may be you tho and kids are lousy u don’t want them” she appeared me useless in the attention and said “i have already got children”. [email protected]


bro, i’m so fucking embarrassed!

screaming, simply hugged my dentist wondering he changed into moving into for one but in reality he become just starting up my dental bib. don’t think i’m able to ever recover from this. _kristina [email protected]


it changed into a quiet automobile journey!

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