Emma Watson’s new movie took £47 in its opening weekend!


The success of a film is best judged by its opening weekend takings at the box office, meaning Emma Watson‘s latest project might leave her feeling a bit dispirited.

Emma Watson's new film took £47 in its opening weekend
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Let’s do a comparison: The last installment in the Harry Potter franchise, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part II – in which Emma continued her role as Hermoine Granger – took (a record-breaking) £327,000,000 in it’s opening weekend.

Emma’s new film, The Colony, took a total of £47. That’s less than a round of drinks with your mates.

To be fair, the film, in which Emma stars as a woman trying to rescue her husband from a cult in Chile, was released in only five cinemas across the UK.

Emma Watson's new film took £47 in its opening weekend
Source: Rex Features

In addition, the film’s distributer Signature Entertainment insisted that the box office takings were not a good indication as the film had been intended to be streamed online.

The poor takings are reminiscent of Uma Thurman’s Motherhood (2009) which took $88 and Morgan Freeman’s Momentum (2015) which made only £46.

You win some you lose some, Emma.