Europe’s First Sex Doll Brothel Was Raided By Police, Shuts Down


The LumiDolls sex doll brothel – which provided sex with plastic prostitutes – opened and was quite well received in Barcelona, Spain, at the end of February. Sadly the £70-per-hour sex den got shut down – after police took an interest in the business.


Confused vice cops began investigating the legality of whether the futuristic whorehouse was protected by their laws. But when they arrived at the apartment building where the sex doll brothel operated, they discovered they were too late.

The landlord had reportedly cancelled the owner’s lease after caving in to pressure on social media. According to reports, LumiDolls offered four sex dolls at the first-of-its-kind venue: European Katy, African Leiza, Asian Lily and Japanese anime character Aki.


Each doll – who varied in breast size and hair – was available for individual appointments or special requests, like group sessions, for example.

LumiDolls bragged that sex with a doll feels just like the real thing “both in the movement of their joints and in the touch”. All of the life-sized doll feature three orifices: oral, vaginal and anal, and are flexible enough to be bent into any sexual position.

Daily Star

Prostitution for quite some time now has been accepted in Spain and now its brothels are beginning to catch on to the latest sex trend moving across Asia.

Such brothels are already showing up in Japan and China and are likely to be appearing in more European countries in the near future. For now though, they seem to be facing opposition from conservative members of the public.

Daily Star

A LumiDolls receptionist told a Spanish journalist:

“We have simply moved to new premises.”