The Scottish DJ, who said a final farewell to Taylor Swift only two weeks back, apparently tossed some backing for his ex’s for after his previous sweetheart was spotted kissing performing artist Tom Hiddleston. Harris, 32, was spotted hitting a neighborhood exercise center in Los Angeles on Thursday (June 16, 2016) wearing wheeze! a couple of Kanye West’s Yeezy shoes. As though to demonstrate that it wasn’t mischance, Harris

that the “Ill will” vocalist “completely endorsed” of West’s notorious verses in “Well known,” in which he called then swapped out his dark kicks for a couple of dark ones outlined by the rapper the following day.

Recently, West’s significant other, Kim Kardashian, blamed Swift for intentionally attempting to play the casualty to make the emcee look awful. Asserting Swift a “bitch” and guaranteed he made her popular, before the melody’s discharge. Already, those around Swift declined to bolster west after he discharged “Popular” and free themselves for goodness’ sake Yeezy. Quick’s sibling, Austin, most eminently tossed out his own pair of Yeezy shoes in the wake of listening to the track


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