Tide pods attributed to 142 poisoning in January. With that being stated, Tide pods at the moment are a factor of the previous!

This new problem has been round for some time. Savannah Robust was one of many first YouTube stars to go viral with it. Nevertheless, now due to social media, it’s making its rounds once more.

This new problem for social media is the ‘Condom Snorting Problem,’ to not be confused with the condom problem the place an individual drops a condom fil water balloon on another person’s head.
Within the latest social media problem, the particular person within the video will insert an unwrapped condom in one in every of their nostrils after which they inhale the condom of their nostril. From there, they proceed to make the condom come again out of their mouths. Within the course of, there may be loads of gagging and chocking sounds.

The video is then uploaded on to social media and YouTube. Then the viewing begins and so do the copy cats. 1000’s of individuals have already made a video of them snorting a condom.

One professor, Bruce Lee from Johns Hopkins Bloomberg Faculty of Public Well being, reminds those who the one factor that needs to be snorted or inhaled by way of your nostril is the air we breathe and nasal spray.

Bruce Lee states:

“When is utilizing a condom a foul thought? If you find yourself attempting to snort it up your nostril and pull it out by way of your mouth. In the event you ask, ‘why would anybody ever try this’, you then clearly haven’t heard of the ‘Condom Snorting Problem’.

The condom may simply get caught in your nostril or your throat, blocking your respiration or inflicting you to choke.

Even in case you handle to efficiently pull the condom out by way of your mouth, inhaling a condom up your nostril can be very uncomfortable and doubtlessly fairly painful. Wouldn’t it actually be value all that simply to get extra likes and views?”

Lee, additionally, went on to remind those who in the event that they do accidently swallow a condom, they’ll almost certainly go it in a bowel motion. Nevertheless, they need to not purposely swallow or inhale a condom.

There are numerous negative effects to snorting a condom. Firstly, there’s a large threat of chocking. Additionally, there may be the probabilities of collapsing a lunch, your appendix being lodged, and blocked airways. To not point out, the ache that’s related to it. The condom may even get inhaled into your lungs!

Moreover, condoms have lubricant and spermicide on them. This will trigger an an infection to the nasal cavity and doubtlessly injury the tissue within the nasal cavity. Additionally, there may be the probabilities of a latex allergy.

In 2004, The Indian Journal of Chest Illness & Allied Sciences documented a case the place a girl who inhaled a condom throughout oral intercourse on accidence and later suffered from pneumonia and a partial lung collapse.

In 2016, a girl had appendicitis after she swallowed a condom throughout oral intercourse and a bit of it lodged into her appendix.

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