It’s a well known undeniable fact that some pets, together with cats and canine, take pleasure in listening to music — and this hilarious pup is proof.

Stephanie Walton shares her residence with an lovely German Shepherd named Jaxson Rose, who apparently has fairly the penchant for hip-hop music. As such, Jaxson Rose loves Flo Rida’s hit tune, “Low.” She even dances alongside every time it comes on the radio!

Again in 2014, a video that includes the hip-hop-loving canine went viral, and it’s not onerous to see why. Jaxson Rose was driving within the automobile alongside her mother when “Low” began taking part in, inspiring the pup to get her groove on along with her ears.

Okay, it was most certainly another person within the backseat manipulating her ears, however that doesn’t make the video any much less amusing. Her massive ears moved to the beat, going ahead, backward, sideways and throughout as her human guides her choreography.

The video even earned Jaxson Rose and Stephanie a visit from their hometown of Marion, Indiana, to FOX’s Trigger For Pause tv particular produced in Los Angeles, California, throughout which Jaxson Rose was nominated for a Golden Bone award within the Weirdest Canine Expertise video class.

Watch beneath because the “proficient canine dances to hip-hop music.”

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