Super model Gigi lied on the bed with silky smooth sheet upon the bed, wearing nothing only black heels and holding a cool Versace bag posing for snap.

Doubtlessly Gigi Hadid has commended winning International Model of the Year at the British. Fashion Awards by dropping her garments for different shoots.

She as of late stripped down for the Stuart Weitzman Spring 2017 crusade. Now Versace have uncovered her as the star of their new promotion which sees her relaxing around in only a couple of heels.

The winter 2016 crusade sees the 21-year-old model in various shoots. For the most part with garments on – however one specifically emerges from the rest.

Gigi Hadid promoting new collection of Versace bag


She extends her arms before her, protecting her exposed bosoms however permitting a sufficient indication of her energetic chest.

In her outstretched arms, the model holds a vast dark Versace pack, beautified with a highly contrasting striped strap around it, which she lays on her conditioned stomach.

She utilizes the pack to cover her humility and lies with her long legs bowed upwards into a crossed position.

Sitting on a silky bed cover wearing a black lather jacket and holding a matching black versace bag



The hot model sits up on the bed, wearing a black leather jacket. Loosely around her body, drape off her shoulder and holds the versace giant bad to show off its design.

In this shoot there are a pair of gold medallion rings on her her fingers which looks stunning and starring in the shoot.

She also had two other Versace winter 2016 ads, which are more covered enough.

In a second shot, the young model sits up on the bed, allowing her locks to fall loosely about her shoulders, and holds the bag up to show off its design.

Thats why Gigi become the most demanded model in the world


In This saucy posture sees the model look back toward the camera over her uncovered shoulder. Her hair styled provocatively over only one eye and she rests one protracted leg on a stage.

Gigi complements her back by sticking it out, the short stitch of the dress pretty much sufficiently high to hide her unobtrusiveness.

The dress is in a white, light yellow, child blue and ruddy pink outline, decorated along one agree with a sparkling point of interest.

She finishes the look with steel hued stage heels and a couple of twin arm trinket.

From another point, the dress is appeared to include a totally sheer part at the sew, flaunting the model’s conditioned, tanned thigh.

Dress looks more alluring on Gigi’s body


Another shoot of Gigi Hadid she gives a totally different look…

Deserving of a glitz evening out at a mixed drink gathering or private supper. Gigi’s another smaller than expected dress. This time in dark – however with an intricate expansion from part of the sew that tumbles down to the model’s knee.

Albeit suggestive, the less scandalous number covers the supermodel all the more precisely. With just a single full leg on show and a high contrast silk scarf tied around her neck and left rippling around her.

The outfit is done off with what seems to be a similar executioner heels she wears in her stripped bed pictures.

Thats why Gigi Hadid becomes a super model in few short years


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