On Friday (Aug.12.2016), the Girls Next Door revealed on Instagram that she has given her newborn son the moniker of Forest Leonardo Antonio Rotella.

“I’m so happy to be at home with a healthy baby boy, Forest Leonardo Antonio Rotella,” she wrote alongside a photo of her carrying a giant blue teddy bear. “Thank you for all the kind comments over the past few days.”

Madison, 36, is also the mother to 3 year old daughter Rainbow Aurora.

Last Sunday, Madison’s husband shared the first photo of their newborn baby boy. According to papa, little Forest came into the world at 8Lbs. and 14 oz.

“What an incredible week. A crazy, stressful start, which transformed into this magical moment,” Rotella penned on his Instagram. “Now I’m holding my beautiful son at the hospital reading amazing birthday wishes from all of you. Definitely one of the most memorable weeks of my life!”

May we suggest the name “Brook” for the next baby


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