j.k. rowling is a family name recognised in almost every nook of the sector. her harry potter novels and now the ever-increasing harry potter cinematic franchise, have raised a whole generation of readers and dazzled all people with their magic.

say what you’ll approximately the films (vs) the books, there are some as a substitute hanging variations among some of the characters inside the books in comparison to how they’re portrayed in the films.

how then do a number of those iconic characters portrayed inside the movies produced via warner bros form as much as the characters estimated in j.okay. rowling’s head? allow’s check how 12 characters are described within the books versus how they’re honestly performed out at the big display.

12) narcissa malfoy: performed by using actress helen mccrory, narcissa malfoy is described as being truthful-haired, with lengthy white hair making her seem like a drowned woman. however, designers within the movie gave her hair specific tones. which look do you watched is better?

eleven) invoice weasley: performed by actor domhnall gleeson, invoice weasley is defined as having a very disfigured face thanks to that werewolf fenrir greyback, but fleur cherished him simply the equal. domhnall has especially fewer scars within the film.

10) rufus scrimgeour: played through actor invoice nighy, rufus changed into stated to resemble a lion with graying ginger hair, wire-rimmed glasses and he limped anywhere he walked. invoice nighy’s costume changed into a bit greater muted for the appearance of the films, which commonly had a darker tone.

nine) dolores umbridge: played by imelda staunton, dolores umbridge became described as having a massive resemblance to a frog way to her round bulging eyes, huge mouth, and faded loose skin. imelda did a super process at bringing the intolerable person to lifestyles regardless of how her gown became designed.

8) minerva mcgonagall: played with the aid of the incomparable maggie smith, prof. mcgonagall is described as being only fifty six years antique whilst harry first arrived at hogwarts. but, given maggie smith’s remarkable portrayal of the individual, this difference is without difficulty forgivable.

7) mrs. dursley: performed by actress fiona shaw, mrs. dursley is described as having an extended neck that allowed her to effortlessly secret agent on her neighbors, as well as blonde hair that her son dudley inherited. this is not portrayed within the movies. however, fiona shaw truly hits the nail on the head along with her portrayal of mrs. dursley.

6) viktor krum: performed with the aid of bulgarian actor/bodybuilder stanislav yanevski, krum is described in the books as having a crooked nose, thick eyebrows, and dark hair. in the films, they decided to buzz stanislav’s hair! hmm!

five) alastor moody: played by brendan gleeson, alastor “mad-eye” moody is described inside the books as a man with a badly disfigured face and lacking the tip of his nose. in this example, we’re form of glad that they decided to keep brendan’s nose intact for the movie. imagine how gross he might look for each movie?

four) severus snape: played by the past due and exquisite alan rickman, snape become described within the books as most effective being 31 years vintage whilst he first met harry. that is effortlessly omitted through enthusiasts anywhere, fro alan rickman is taken into consideration the maximum indispensable snape that ever existed.

three) ronald weasley: performed via rupert grint, ron become described as a boy with a protracted nose protected in freckles. rupert’s nose is a long way from being lengthy, and although he’s lacking the freckles, there’s no denying that no other actor could fill ron’s shoes better than him.

2) hermione granger: played with the aid of the headstrong and shrewd emma watson, hermione become described within the books as having a thick bush of chestnut hair, and large the front enamel. watson turned into geared up with fake tooth in a scene for the primary harry potter film, however it become later decided that her natural teeth would do simply first-rate.

1) harry potter: played with the aid of the proficient and flexible daniel radcliffe, harry became defined as having his mom’s green eyes, and his father’s wild hair that refused to be styled. in the first movie, radcliffe turned into fitted with green contacts, which he might soon discover that he was allergic to on set. cgi artists had to meticulously re-touch his eyes in the final scene. after speaking with j.k. rowling, it was decided that his eye shade didn’t need to matter as long as that they matched his mom, lily potter.

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