It has been reported that this week, Iggy Azalea praised her birthday, which propelled us to help you to remember all her best quarrels. Furthermore, in spite of the fact that she might be a world-well-known rapper, even she doesn’t generally get all that she needs. On June 5, two days before her huge day, the rapstress tweeted out this basic, yet extreme demand: “All I need for my birthday is a dinosaur fossil.” Did she get her exceptional wish? All things considered, today, three days after her birthday, Azalea impacted out another basic tweet. As per Gizmodo, somebody is right now offering 45% of a T. Rex skeleton for $2.39 million! What’s more, with regards to dinosaur bones, they tend to attempt and keep skeletons together. Along these lines, as dismal as it is that she didn’t get her desire, it was a really grand solicitation

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