Well! The beautiful lady is  certainly not frightened of any raised eye brow on her Instagram snap .

Jaime King shared a different yet amazing snap of her self on Instagram in which she is sitting with all her legs spread and having a fashion book laying in front of her.

The gorgeous model,39, announced that she is all set for a vacation as she captioned her Instagram picture with the “summer bummer” song of Lana Del Ray on Wednesday.

“ready for vacation baby’: Jaime King shared a unusual image of herself with legs wide open and a fashion book laying in front of her  on Wednesday.
‘It’s never too late To be who you wanna be To say what you wanna say It’s never too late To leave if you wanna leave Or to stay if you wanna stay *better not* Hip-Hop in the summer Don’t be a bummer, babe #readyforvacationbaby’ the caption of the Instagram post.
Jaime was all smiling and enjoying with her dog in the living room

she was carrying her blonde locks down with loose curls and pinned her hair with a portion away from her beautiful face.

Jaime was excited to have fun and relax on her vacation after a taxing days of her and as well as her family.

The mother of two was stuck in a petrifying situation on April created  by a homeless man Paul Francis Floyed.

The amazing actress parked her car in Beverly hills on the 4th of April where Paul has been accused to swooped into her Mercedes with skate board and began to strike the car windows leaving the little ones covered in glass.

one of Jaime’s friend jump over to negotiate with Paul who was accused of smashing the second car as well..

Paul aged 47 was impose to be cruel with the child and felony to ruin the Mercedes in 2016.The cruelty towards child is considered as misdemeanor but Jaime is hoping that it will be turned into felony as well.

Paul was also  charged in 2017 for smacking a man’s Lexus.

Scary: The gorgeous  mother-of-two was stuck up in a petrifying situation in April, which turned out as an arrest  of the homeless man Paul Francis Floyd (pictured May 2, 2018

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