Jennifer Lawrence is known for blunt ways but she become bashful very rarely.

Jennifer Lawrence couldn’t stop blushing during a session of ‘Plead the fifth’ when she visited Watch What Happens Live on Monday.

Jennifer Lawrence turned splendid red when asked by Vanderpump Rules star Stassi Schroeder to tell us about your best kiss of 2016 to which she replied : ‘um, well i can’t state!’


Andy Cohen, the host relaxed the guest celebrity and offered her if she want to plead the fifth? Jennifer call out with a moan of happiness before she grabbed her glass and took a one big sip.


The American Hustle Starlet has most recently be seen getting closer to Black Swan director Darren Aronofsky.

Black Swan and Jennifer Lawrence both were seen kissing in NYC last month. Black Swan is a father of 10-year-son.

The beautiful lady of the evening shared her views about her favorite movie that Hunger Games movie is her favorite one.

Laura Simpson, Jennifer Lawrence best friend of nine year was also there to support her friend.

The host also invite Laura into a game ‘Shush Your BFF Lush’ in which the best friend of the guest had to share something about the celebrity or drink.

Andy asked Laura to tell us about any Celebrity that Jennifer said something selfish.

And Laura took alot of nicknames for certain celebrities. ‘The Lady, there’s Pickle,’.

The guest also added ‘The Lady has different variations. There’s the Raging Lady, THe Lady in Red, the Lady In Waiting.’

The Vanderpump Rules superfan additionally gave the show’s existence star James Kennedy a verbal hammer down, calling him an ‘entitled, useless little crawl.’

Taking sip from a cocktail she passed her opinion over the 24-year-old British Dj  who recently got fired from Lisa Vanderpump’s restaurant Sur because of his bad behavior.

‘I have a serious reaction to entitled, worthless little creeps, especially ones who are disrespectful to Lisa Vanderpump,’ she laughed.

‘I want him off the planet,’ Jennifer announced, waving her hand dismissively.




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