A two-second video has music fans losing their minds.

Yesterday (July 31, 2016), Selena Gomez shared a Snapchat clip that sent fans into a tizzy, speculating that she’s actually, possibly, maybe collaborating on a new track with her former boyfriend, Justin Bieber!

In the super brief clip, Gomez giggles to herself (because she knows this will drive fans up the wall!) as her own voice sings “love you” on what appears to be Bieber’s new track “Let Me Love You,” which he recorded with DJ Snake. It’s just two seconds, but it’s hypnotizing!

Take a listen to this clip that DJ Snake shared last week and see if you can hear the similarities.

But there’s currently no confirmation that this is case besides Snake retweeting an MTV story also claiming Gomez made her own version of “Let Me Love You.” And none of this indicates that the former couple is getting friendly again.

DJ Snake’s album is set to be released Friday, August 5, which will feature his collab with Bieber. Until then, the guessing game continues!

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