Katy Perry’s Performance at the DNC!


Katy Perry took the stage of the Democratic National Convention on Thursday night (July 28, 2016) ahead of Hillary Clinton’s historic acceptance of the first female presidential nomination.

Perry prefaced her performance of “Rise” and “Roar” with a speech encouraging viewers to vote that detailed her background as an American citizen.

“Both of my parents are pastors and staunch Republicans. I did not finish high school and unfortunately, I don’t have a formal education, but I do have an open mind, and I have a voice,” said Perry. “So I am asking you to have an open mind and to use your voice, because on November 8, it will be just as powerful as any NRA lobbyist. You will have as much say as any billionaire. Because it’s not where you come from but what you grow into.”

Her boyfriend Orlando Bloom was in the audience filming her appearance on an iPhone like Amy Poehler during the Christmas show in Mean Girls.



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