Kelly Clarkson hilariously forgot the lyrics to her songs during a Facebook Live session on Friday, July 29, but the American Idol alum recovered like a pro.

Clarkson, 34, admitted to her fans early on that she was “nervous” about the live video, which was filmed during a casual studio session.

The pop star ran through a wide gamut of her biggest hits, including “A Moment Like This,” “Walk Away,” “Catch My Breath,” “Beautiful Disaster” and “Cry.” At times, the mother of two even seemed to forget the melody of her chart toppers

Her producer and the pianist in the room gave Clarkson hints from time to time about how her songs might go. “Lyrics aren’t my thing,” the good-humored star said, laughing at her bad memory.

“We wrote a lot of songs. It’s been 15 years,” she said as she fudged her way through the tunes. “I’m gonna get so much crap for this. This is the worst idea!”

Clarkson’s fans were forgiving of the singer’s mishap, however, and even praised the star for being so candid.

“I think it’s great that you forget the lyrics,” one fan wrote. “You’re not a robot, you’re human and it’s a lot to remember. Your voice is so amazing, raw, unfiltered, no magic auto tune! Your friggen amazing!!”

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