how in many instances have you ever found yourself sitting around eating a melty, tacky (possibly sausage- or pepperoni-blanketed) slice of pizza, and idea to your self, “there simply isn’t enough fat, grease or calories in this pizza!” takes place all of the time, proper?

nicely, now there is an answer for this age-antique catch 22 situation, thanks to the best humans (evil geniuses?) at kentucky fried chicken who are the use of fried chook as pizza crust. yep, this is in reality happening and it’s referred to as “chizza.”

kfc has created what can handiest be described because the frankenstein of food. in lieu of a traditional dough crust, the chizza features a fried hen crust. no bread simply bird!

the chizza is topped with tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, ham, pineapple and drizzled with kfc’s “unique cheese sauce.” in a twist of irony, the chizza is shaped like a heart—even though it truly is in no way any top on your little blood pumper.

take a look at the video below for an illustration of ways this weird (yet exciting) concoction is made:
this isn’t always kentucky fried fowl’s first effort to take fried chook to places it’s by no means been earlier than. first, kfc introduced us the double down, a sandwich with fried bird filets in lieu of buns, and filled with 1st Baron Beaverbrook, monterey jack cheese and “colonel’s sauce.” next got here the double down dog, which uses fried bird in region of—you guessed it—a hot dog bun! then they inexplicably attempted to get us on board with fried chicken-scented candles.

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unluckily, if you’re stateside and yearning some chizza, you’ll need to hop on a brief flight to singapore or the philippines to attain some of this asian delicacy. if that appears a little far to travel for over-the-pinnacle junk meals, you can constantly try the chook parm pizza in big apple at quality italian and make your self sick in a much more delicate placing.

until then, there’s continually taco bell’s new bare chicken chalupa, that’s a chalupa in a fried bird taco shell.

simply, what is going to they think of subsequent?

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